Corporate Secretarial Services

Shangyew Management Pte Ltd offers assistance on a variety of services in the area of Corporate Secretarial Practice. In accordance with Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, it is necessary to appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months from the date of incorporation. Corporate Secretarial work includes tasks such as preparation of minutes for the Board of Directors’ meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGMs), submission of Annual Returns to ACRA, and the preparation of standard resolutions for any changes in Directors, shareholders, registered address, or bank signatories. When there are filing deadlines for ACRA and IRAS, we help to monitor and ensure that your company meets these deadlines. As your appointed Corporate Secretarial firm, we will prepare all the necessary documentation that you need. Where there are share transfers, we will also assist in e-stamping them. We also help to maintain our clients’ company registers. Some of our clients may require a name secretary and/or a registered business address, in which case we may be able to assist as well.

XBRL Submission Services

As part of our suite of business services, we offer assistance to clients who do not wish to do the XBRL submission themselves. XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language, and has become a globally widely-used format for business communications via digital networks. (Click here to see ACRA’s description of how XBRL works, technically)

We can assist with the conversion process into XBRL format (for digital submission to ACRA) and ensure that everything is error-free. The XBRL file submitted needs to be accepted by ACRA. Whether you require full XBRL (e.g. if you have a corporate shareholder) or partial XBRL (i.e. financial highlights only, for insolvent companies), you may contact us for such services and we will advise you accordingly.

We provide these Singapore Corporate Secretarial Services:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Maintaining Statutory Registers and Minute Books
  • Preparing of minutes and/or resolutions of Directors and Shareholders
  • Filing of Annual Returns / Submission of standard private exempt company Annual Return (subject to IRAS requirements)
  • Nominee Services (for example, Nominee Director Services, Nominee Shareholder Services)
  • Change of Registered Office Address
  • Change of Local Company Name
  • Increase in Shares Allotment and Share Transfer
  • Updating of Officer Particulars
  • Strike Off a Company
  • Provision of Company Secretary / Secretarial Agent for your company
  • Advise on corporate secretarial compliance issues
  • Update on developments in compliance regulations to keep you updated on your compliance requirements

Other Services

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