Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance Services form one of our key services in our accounting firm. We tailor our audit approach to each specific client, as every client is different in terms of the circumstances they face and perhaps their specific needs or requirements as well. We are proactive in managing the entire audit assignment, so that important deadlines are met. As auditors, we always approach our work with professional scepticism, independence, and objectivity, in order to achieve the audit objectives. At Shangyew PAC, we are committed to providing auditing services of high quality.

A high quality audit will instill confidence among your company’s stakeholders, especially in relation to the integrity, reliability, and quality of the company’s financial statements. You can have confidence that all important areas shall be covered adequately throughout the entire audit process, and that your accounting systems and financial statements are well in order and comply with Companies’ Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS).


  • Statutory Audits
  • Preparation of Financial Statements (Compilations)
  • Special Audits


  • Private Companies in various industries
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • MCSTs
  • And more


An audit aims to provide reasonable assurance that financial statements do present a true and fair view of the state of the business, and are not materially misstated. The final output will also be presented in accordance with Singapore’s accounting standards and relevant statutory requirements. This form of independent assurance is valuable because it is done by a neutral and professional accounting firm. The analyses, inspections, and checks which are part and parcel of an audit will assess the accounting records, systems, and practicecs of an organization objectively. These processes then help to confirm that the accounting records have been properly maintained, with the requisite accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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