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Shangyew Public Accounting Corporation

We have been assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since 1981...

Shangyew Group (henceforth, ‘Shangyew’) comprises two companies: Shangyew Public Accounting Corporation (‘Shangyew PAC’) and Shangyew Management Pte Ltd (‘Shangyew Management’). The former is a public accounting firm that was established in 2006, incorporating the predecessor company (Gui Kim Young & Company, founded by Mr. Gui, FCA Singapore in year 1981).  Shangyew Management is in charge of all things related to the broad domain of Corporate Secretarial Practice, as well as Bookkeeping and Accounting. Our entire group thus has an operating history of almost 40 years, and is a well-established company in Singapore.

We have been serving SMEs and individuals in Singapore for many years, through a range of services which are often needed and/or requested by our clients. These services generally fall into four broad categories: (1) Audit and Assurance Services (2) Taxation Services (3) Bookkeeping and Accounting Services and (4) Corporate Secretarial Services. Our team aims to always provide a well-integrated suite of business solutions for our clients.


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Our Commitment Speaks Everything

With us partnering you, you will gain a team of dedicated, experienced and well-trained professionals to work with you and your colleagues. We have experience engaging with all kind of entities ranging from private sector businesses to non-profit organizations such as schools, charities, associations and clubs. The industries of the clients that we have served and are currently serving include: trading, manufacturing, investment, tourism, hospitality, pawnshops, jewellery, medical services and training. For foreign businesses/organizations/individuals wanting to start operations in Singapore, we may also be able to assist if the required service falls within the scope of our expertise. In addition, we have had experience working with businesses from China, assisted by bilingual professionals on our team. We value our relationships with all our clients and we are committed to nurturing these relationships as much as we can.

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    One-stop Centre

    Being ‘one-stop’ means that we can provide efficient services and leverage on potential synergies.

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    Quality Assurance

    Quality of work is always our focus and priority. We maintain our quality by hiring and retaining good people.

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    On-going Support for Clients

    We always listen to our clients about their needs and concerns, providing full support in order to achieve their goals.

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    Being participants of the Digital Age means that all organizations, including ourselves, have to constantly explore new and better ways of doing things.

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